Kororoit Creek Estuary

Kororoit Institute

Kororoit Institute has been established as an independent research and consulting organisation interested in polydisciplinary basic and applied research to better understand a variety of contemporary problems relating to humanity’s roles and impacts on our local and global environments.

Founding members of the Institute have practical backgrounds and basic/applied research interests covering many disciplines, e.g., biology, business management and governance, community organizing and facilitation, computer science, education, engineering, history and philosophy of science and technology, organisational studies, project risk, transport planning, etc. These diverse interests can be combined to address a variety of difficult and complex global and local problems with polydisciplinary approaches. Founders’ individual publications (cited on the Kororoit.org site) document these interests and capabilities. They have also engaged in several significant activities towards establishing the Institute.

In November 2010, some of the founders organised a special session, “Putting Community Knowledge in Place”, for the Knowledge Cities World Summit in Melbourne. In April 2011, they formed Kororoit Institute Proponents and Supporters Association Inc., (“KIPSA”) to establish and formalise Kororoit Institute. During February 29–March 2, 2012, KIPSA conducted an international Symposium in Melbourne with sponsorship from Engineers Australia, Aalto University (Finland), the French Embassy in Australia and others on the broad topic, “Living Spaces for Change: Socio-technical Knowledge of Cities and Regions”. In April 2012, KIPSA completed formalities to begin trading as Kororoit Institute. The Institute will also be publishing presentations and a book from the Symposium.

It is intended that the Kororoit Institute will encourage and facilitate polydisciplinary research by people ranging from senior academics to postgraduates and students. Amongst its more practical interests, it also aims to offer research, consultancy, outreach and educational services to better deal with problems of urban and regional growth areas such as found on the Kororoit Plains west of Melbourne.

Kororoit Institute seeks involvement with interested individuals and organisations where our approach and interests may significantly enhance project and research outcomes. Further background is at KIPSA’s website.

For KIPSA membership details or further information email the secretary.
Registered office: 127 Power Street, St. Albans, Vic. 3021, Australia

Scoria cutting at Mt. Kororoit